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CS:GO Lineups 2020

We're happy to announce our new CS:GO lineups for the first season of 2020!


The players Elandro and Netyx left the team last season and we were looking for a new IGL and Support. We gladly found two very talented players that already played together in other teams: TheSwissGuy and Silence.

The new lineup looks like this:
Silence - IGL
datdrX - AWP
Chris|S - Entry Fragger
TheSwissGuy - Anchor
Baumkuschler - Rifler

I'm happy to welcome our two new additions to the team! I'm looking forward to reach our goals, we have set for ourselves, together with them!

- Christian "Chris|S" Schulze


In SoS.Black L8ight decided to leave the team. ClapzZ and Harmlos then decided to focus on their studies and are therefore only playing as substitutes for the team.

With the new players Cl1ck, DerQuotenLow and g27company we bring new blood and experienced players into the organisation!
The new lineup:
g27comp4ny - IGL
Hunne - AWP
avoO iQ - Entry Fragger
DerQuotenLow - Entry Fragger
Cl1ck - Support

ClapzZ - Stand-in
Harmlos - Stand-in

We know the core players of the team from Cl1ck, who played with us since Counter Strike 1.6. Together we have the aim to get higher in the 99DMG-Liga and get achievements, in the 99DMG-Liga as well as in tournaments.

- Timo "g27comp4ny " Schott


SoS.Swiss also had a change. S0UTHSHOW decided to part ways with the team because of personal reasons. For him we found a new Swiss talent named Simpix!
The new lineup:
RcoNN - IGL & Support
NoRulezZ - AWP
N1OX - Lurker
Simpix - Entry Fragger
TheBreaker - Entry Fragger

We tried out some players and we found with him the perfect fit for the team. His role was also what we were looking for. With his young age there is also huge potential in him, where he can further develop his skill and game-sense.

- Vitor "RcoNN" Santos

We're looking forward having those new players around and seeing them in the Swiss, German and international leagues!