Scythe of Seraph (SOS) is an esports organisation based in Switzerland and Germany, with our headquarters near Basel, Switzerland. SOS originated from a CS:GO community in 2015 and founded an association in 2018 to cover more games and teams. From there on the teams competed in various online leagues and tournaments and LAN-Parties.
We support our teams to play at their best and have therefore got many excellent results. Our Super Smash Bros. player Karpador64 for example ranked 2nd place in the 2nd Swiss SSBU Season of 2019. Our CS:GO teams compete in various leagues such as the Swiss Esports League in the highest division. All the other teams have also shown their skill competing at a high level.

We are looking forward to changing the Swiss and German esports scene not only with our teams but also with our attitude and projects, such as our Super Smash Bros. tournaments at the ManaBar in Basel, Switzerland.