Our Partners

We are happy to work with our Partners to give our players and our community the best experience in esports.

The esports- and gaming-bar ManaBar is a place to play and drink in Basel. Our players love to have bootcamps at the gaming-stations and drink a Mocktail or a Red Bull while their at it. The ManaBar offers over three floors games of many kinds. From board games and card games, to DnD sessions and PC-gaming-stations the bar has everything. Visit the ManaBar and make yourself an image of the bar, we're sure you'll like it!

ProPads is our producer for our mousepads. Their high-quality mousepads are stitched on the edges, have a good fabric for the mouse and are produced in Germany. Check out our ProPads: https://propads.gg/product/scythe-of-seraph