Our Partners

We are happy to work with our Partners to give our players and our community the best experience in esports.

The esports- and gaming-bar ManaBar is a place to play and drink in Basel. Our players love to have bootcamps at the gaming-stations and drink a Mocktail or a Red Bull while they're at it. The ManaBar offers over three floors games of many kinds. From board games and card games, to DnD sessions and PC-gaming-stations the bar has everything. Visit the ManaBar and make yourself an image of the bar, we're sure you'll like it!

World of Games offers you everything a gamer heart loves. From console games to peripherals you can buy everything there. They support our various events like the Orcus Smash Series!

cyon offers you web hosting for your website or your company's website! You can also buy domains directly over their website.

noline.ch offers services in eCommerce like project lead and conception of digitalization of your business!

ProPads is our producer for our mousepads. Their high-quality mousepads are stitched on the edges, have a good fabric for the mouse and are produced in Germany. Since 2021 we also produce various other esports products with them. To the shop

Our game server partner GamersUnite offers servers for various games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Minecraft. We host all our game servers with them and can only recommend them! Get your new game server now!