Rebranding SOS

New decade, new style. SOS gets a fresh look with a new logo, website, jersey and more!

In this news post we're going through the process of how it was for us to rebrand SOS and to show you what it needs to pull of a such a project. There is also nice behind the scenes material, so keep reading.

First of all some words from Tobias Zischler, the organisation manager.

I'm super stoked to show you all what we've worked on the past months. I'm looking forward to this year and the other projects we're currently working on.

- Tobias Zischler


We started this whole project in November of 2019. The management was discussing about a possible rebrand, to be more simplistic, have an easier name, but still keeping the vibe of SOS in the final product. With talks to some players to get their feedback about SOS and what they would want to change we planned accordingly.

The management decided to keep the name Scythe of Seraph but referring to the organisation as SOS. So the social media channels will mostly be renamed to SOS. We also started to think of a new jersey as well as a new logo.


1. Logo and Jersey

In December 2019 Nicola Liechti and Tobias Zischler worked together to create a basic layout of a jersey and a logo. We've gone through some iterations of logos and jerseys, as you can see below. In early January a graphic designer helped us create more logo concepts. In the end we decided on the logo you can see on the right of the image and on the final jersey. The logo has a negative and claim version, which is used in different cases. For example the website uses many times the negative logo due to the dark design.

Rebranding jerseys
Rebranding logos
Rebranding social designs


2. Social Media Designs

After creating the logo we had to work on the social media banners, streaming designs and a new website. The website being a feature that we wanted, but would only make if we got enough time.

Rebranding karpador web


3. Photo Shooting

We had ordered our new jerseys already and organised a photo- and video-shoot with our players and management. We shot the announcement video and some photos at the ManaBar in Basel, since they have a basement with black walls and they're our partner. In the same week we had our shooting we decided to make the website. That was on the first week of March, two weeks ago.


4. Website

Since Gianluca Frongia, our treasurer and Tobias Zischler, the organisation manager, are professional web-developers they made a quick mockup and then a more detailed design in Figma (Seen in the image below). We chose a new technology stack, different from the old website, being Craft CMS in the backend and Vue.js in the frontend.

With much work in the last two weeks we got the website done on time.

Rebranding website mockup


After all the designs, photos and the website done we are now in the current time. Writing this post for the publication of our rebranding.

The players and the management had to be briefed for the timing of the publication and the social media posts had to be written.

Now you know how we did this rebranding. I hope you liked this post and if you got any questions feel free to write us a mail to