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New Tekken player, Merle!

As of today we have another contender in our Tekken lineup. We would like to welcome Tristan „Merle“ to Scythe of Seraph!

Tristan is active in the german Tekken scene for one year and has already made some achievements in tournaments, one of them being 5th at the „TaKe‘s dojo“-tournament.

Some words of him joining the organisation:

I am proud to be a part of SoS and happy to get support by those nice guys. So everyone has to remember: Games were invented to have fun, but you can't have fun if you don't play with people you like. Fighting games were made to play against each other. Let's be ready for the next battle together.

- Tristan "Merle" Merle

We are looking forward to seeing him compete in german Tekken tournaments! His first one representing SoS will be this weekend, namely the „DamagermanY“. We wish him and ErDaLiStA luck in the tournament.