Chriss joining web

New CS:GO player!

After some tryouts the CS:GO team found a fitting player for the team. That being said we welcome Chris|S in the team!
Chris has experience from other teams he played in. With those teams he competed in the 99Damage League in three seasons and he lives in Germany.

Some words from zischler a player of the CS:GO team and manager of the organisation:

With his playstyle and his sympathy he could convince us in the tryouts. He is a motivated player and it was fun to play with him in trainings. Thus we like to welcome him in the team and are looking forward to play with him in the upcoming leagues with a full lineup.

- Tobias "zischler"

Some words from Chris to him joining the team:

I’m glad being a part of this team and hope that we get many wins in the near future!

- Chris "ChrisS"

We’re looking forward to the next competitions on LANs and in online leagues.