Neues lol lineup web

We have a League of Legends Team!

Some days ago we aquired a League of Legends team, which will represent us in tournaments and on the next LAN-Parties in Switzerland.

The team consists of:
Airman, Mid
LiBlade, ADC
One Punch Desch, Top
Elwe, Support
BondOfFlame, Jungler
BondOfFlame of the group told us something about the team:

About us: We’re a group of five friends aged between 18-21 years from Basel. This is the first time we play for an organisation. With this we get a certain organisation into our chaotic crew ;), but this also forces us to take some responsibility. Thus we want to give our best and we’re looking forward to a good collaboration with SoS.

- Stefan “BondOfFlame”

We are excited to watch the new team in action and also to play and party with them at the next LAN’s.