Our first Tekken player!

Erdal “ErDaLiStA” Özer represents Scythe of Seraph from now on in the Tekken scene, and is thus our first Tekken player!

The main “Eddy Gordo”-player from Berlin shows his skill on german, as well as on international tournaments. We got attentive on him throught his performance at the Headstomper 2018 tournament in Kopenhagen. He saved himself a place in the top-25.

I’m happy to welcome Erdal in our organisation. I met him at the Headstomper tournament on my journey to Kopenhagen and was convinced from his play style and his results.

- Tobias "zischler" Zischler, Organisation Manager

Erdal does not only compete in tournaments, but he does also organise himself one. With the Berlin Tekken Clash a Tekken World Tour stop takes place in his hometown. You can find more infos about the tournament at:

I feel honored to have been included by SoS as the first Tekken player. It motivates me immensly and I’ll give my best to proper represent SoS. I’m looking forward to the next time with you! Let’s get ready for the next battle!

- Erdal “ErDaLiStA” Özer

We look forward to some exciting fights in tournaments and Erdal’s self-organised event, the Berlin Tekken Clash.