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New Overwatch Team!

After a few new entries in the fighting games we now present you our first Overwatch team!
The team consists of young, ambitioned players from Switzerland and Liechtenstein and they established themselves a few months ago.

The line-up:
Enealiam, Offtank
DaffieDuck, Main Support
geoalfio, Projectile DPS
Medalstorm, Hitscan DPS
Takayuuki, Flex Support
Vict0rin0x, Main Tank
Finix, Tank Substitute

Many of us want to become pro gamers, and we all struggled to get a chance to really follow that dream, but now we got that chance and we won’t let it slip. We’re really happy to be a part of this organization and we’ll fight at our best in each game to glorify the Scythe of Seraph family.

- geoalfio, OW Team Captain

I’m happy to welcome the Overwatch players into our organisation. After a long search, we’ve found a team, which convinced us with their ambition and skill. I’m looking forward to the future of this team and I’m excited to see it play in the SESL (Swiss Esports League).

- Tobias "zischler", Organisation Manager

As zischler already told, the team will compete in the next SESL season. We’re looking forward to the next year with them!