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New League of Legends Team

With a new year we have a new League of Legends team!

Our new League of Legends roster consists of:
Rogerious - Top
DerAffeMitWaffe - Jungle
HyperDroX - Mid
Kemal - ADC
Allchack - Support

They will compete in the Swisscom Hero League. The division will be known after the Qualification phase which happens in April 2020.

We asked Allchack, the shotcaller of the team, what he thinks of joining SoS.

I am looking forward to represent Scythe of Seraph in the following months.

- Furkan "Allchack" Ipekciler

We're also looking forward having this new promising lineup. We hope to see them in the first division of the Swisscom Hero League and also competing in offline tournaments. Those are currently on hold due to the Corona Virus, but we hope that we will have some nice LAN-Parties in the summer!