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New League of Legends Lineup

A lot has happened the past weeks in our League of Legends team. Since the new SESL (Swiss Esports League) season Pfunzle, Desch and LiBlade are not anymore part of the line-up. For this bruehl from our last team rejoined the team. We welcome also our two newcomers into the team: Polimare and Shadowscreen.

Andreas aka. Polimare, a player from Basel in Switzerland, is the new top-laner of the team. Here are some words he said about his entrance into the team and the first league games and trainings:

Since the start of the season I arrived well as the new toplaner of SoS. I can certainly improve and that is also my goal. For the future of the team I wish that we go together at LANs, improve our performance in local tournaments and maybe get to a higher division in SESL.

- Polimare

Jean aka. Shadowscreen comes from Berlin, is a dedicated player who stood out in the try-outs. Our new mid player did also tell us something about him joining the team:

I have to say that I was well received and I felt quickly well integrated in the team. Unfortunately we had to experience some losses in the SESL and that we have to work on some points to get better, but I’m looking forward to explore our potential as a team.

- Jean "Shadowscreen"

We’re happy about our new Line-Up and are looking forward to see their progress!