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New Hearthstone players!

We're happy to announce our two new Hearthstone players! Pulmexland and DarthHaribo will support Crasher in the Hearthstone section of SoS.

Pulmexland qualified for the Hearthstone Masters Tour in Los Angeles. The offline tournament was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but the tournament will still be played online.

Here are some thoughts of Pulmexland starting to play at SoS now:

I am happy to join Scythe of Seraph and represent this Swiss organisation at the upcoming Hearthstone Master Tours

- Pulmexland

DarthHaribo is also a very skilled player that got good results in the last Swiss Esports League seasons.

I am very excited to join SoS and to get the opportunity to practice and play together with other great players.

- Benedikt "DarthHaribo" Mösch

We're happy to have them in the team and are looking forward to the tournaments and leagues with our three Hearthstone players!