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New CS:GO team SoS.Swiss

Today we would like to introduce our new Counter Strike: Global Offensive team from Switzerland, SoS.Swiss!

SoS.Swiss contains of:
Vitor "RcoNN" Santos
Diogo "TheBreaker" Silva
João "NoRulezZ" Silva
Gonçalo "N1OX" Correia
Ruben "S0uthShow" Rodrigues

The captain of the team RcoNN said some words about joining us:

It's a pleasure to join such a well based organization. We have high goals and I hope that I can lead the team to reach all of them. We are aiming to bring good results to the organization and make a remarkable name in Swiss CS:GO scene. With all the support from the organisation everything can be done.

- Vitor "RcoNN" Santos

Players of this lineup already competed in 1st Division teams of Switzerland and have shown some good results at LAN parties and online leagues.

We are happy welcoming this young and talented lineup in our organisation, and are looking forward to the next Swiss Esports League (SESL) season, where they will compete to get from the Challenger Division into the Premier Division.