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New CS:GO Lineup - datdrX und MRT join

After a long off-season our CSGO team had some changes.

We will be parting ways with Harmlos, the ingame-leader of the last season. Because of personal reasons and the chemistry not working out in the team he decided to go on a different route. We wish him luck following his new path.

For the new season we found two new players who bring new blood into the lineup. Firstly we have Nico "datdrx", which will take the role as a rifler in the team. We asked him about his entry:

I'm happy to be a part of the team and hope to help the the team to ascend into a new 99Damage division.

- Nico "datdrx"

The second player who joins the team is Tobias "MRT". Since gunnarbear, a player from the active roster, will be taking some time off because of personal reasons, Tobias will take his position as a lerker.

Here are some words from him:

I’m grateful for the opportunity to play in this awesome team. I'm looking forward to what else we will achieve.

- Tobias "MRT"

With these changes we will compete in the 99Damage Season 11 5th Division.

We are looking forward to the results and intense games the team will play this season. Some of the games may be streamed. We will keep you updated!