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CS:GO Team welcomes Harmlos as new player

For the 10. Season of the 99Damage Season, which began in October, Jan Arne “Harmlos” Warsen is represented in the CS:GO lineup. He takes over the role as lurker and ingame leader in the team and replaces JD. With him the Counter Strike team succeeded two wins in the Open Division of the 99Damage League.

I welcome Arne in our organisation and I’m happy to present you a full CS:GO roster again. I wish the Counter Strike team good luck in the further season of the 99Damage league.

- Tobias “zischler” Zischler, organisation manager

The CS:GO lineup consists of:
– gunnarbear, Support
– Elandro, AWP
– ClapzZ, First Entry
– Chris|S, Second Entry
– Harmlos, Lurker/IGL

A comment from the new CS:GO player:

I’m looking forward playing for SoS ‘Affenalarm’. I hope I can enrich the team somehow and if it is only with knife kills.

- Jan Arne “Harmlos” Warsen

Harmlos did two knife kills in the last 99Damage league game against Team Legit.

We’re looking forward to the achievements of the CS:GO team with the new roster!